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If he doesn’t care about your orgasm, he doesn’t care about you

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I don’t even eat pineapples but this is cool

Shit looks good AF .





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This is the truest. A relationship should be between two people who compliment each other and help the other grow. If that ain’t working, then either stay single or wait out whatever situation you’re in for someone better truthinducks I wish he had a tumblr
Q: "killed for being black" there's more black on white murders than vice versa per capita. Heck, there's more black on black murder than white on black murder in both absolute and per capita terms. Stop bitching and get your own fucking house in order.


I would ask to a link to your stats but I literally don’t care, you don’t have any, and that’s beside the point. Are any of those white people being killed for being white? Again, are any of those white people being killed for being white? Literally no… like what dimension of earth are you in if you just typed back what i said verbatim and still didn’t understand it?

These are things that don’t just happen to black people, but specifically happen to them because they are Black, because of systemic racism… Now, you make a similar list of murders and violence and humiliation happening to white people because of their racial position in this country, because of racism, that are reflective of any racial subordination they have in this country— i will wait…

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